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19 Apr 2010 Yesterday we went to the Avocado Festival held in Fallbrook, CA. Since it was labeled an Avocado Fest, I figured there would be at least 50%
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The Annual Avocado Festival benefits the community of Fallbrook in many more ways than people realize. It celebrates our agricultural heritage while
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Avocado Festival in Carpinteria, CA, USA - travel article looking at Avocado Festival from 2camels festivals and events.
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Friday, April 9, 2010 - The Valley News - The Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce will host its 24th annual Avocado Festival on Sunday, April 18, 2010.
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5 Apr 2010 The free festival attracts over 70000 people each year and offers something for all, according to the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce,
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18 Apr 2010 FALLBROOK ---- Despite taking measures to make the 24th annual Avocado Festival more of a day to celebrate the green.
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18 Apr 2010 Of all his students, Jorge Porras (left) is most proud of what Araceli Tinoco, a National PAL Champion has accomplished.
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Every year at the beginning of September, Carpenteria, California boasts a fun filled festival for those who love the green. avocados , of course!
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Since 1962, Fallbrook, California has been known for its spectacular Avocado Festival . Held each year in the spring, this festival showcases the amazing
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Inside Fallbrook: _Fallbrook Avocado Festival - Before you visit Fallbrook, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by
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15 Apr 2010 Fallbrook Avocado Festival If San Diego County is the capital of the U.S. avocado industry, then Fallbrook is the epicenter, as this part of
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11 Mar 2009 I was browsing online for interesting festivals and happen to stumble upon the Avocado Festival in Fallbrook on April 19th.
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Includes map, scheduled events, history, vendor applications, and entry forms for contests including biggest avocado and best guacamole.